Goto.Geek.nz is a way to find out about of “Geeky” events in New Zealand.


  • One post per day most days
  • One event per post

What events do you prioritise?

We try to prioritise one-off events ahead of regular events such as meetups or club meetings. We do post about meetups but we try to rotate though the groups rather and post when they have a specific event. We want to avoid posting about Meetup Group X’s regular monthly meeting (and especially not posting about it each month).

We prefer lower cost vs higher cost events.  Commercial conferences that are more than around $400/day should will need strong justification

The timing of posts should be the best time for people to attand the event. The event can’t be sold out. Multi-day conferences might be posted about months in advance, evening meetups a couple of days.

We try and maintain a wide range of subjects including IT, Pop-culture, maker, Science, Gaming, etc.

Other Goals

  • No more than 50% of events in Auckland each month
  • No more than 50% of events in Wellington each month
  • At least 25% of events outside of Auckland and Wellington
  • At least 5% of the population should be eligible to attend an event

Who is behind this site?


Please email 2018 @ goto.geek.nz with tips about future events or other queries.