Davin Ryan “The future of IT labour and should I go contracting?” – Wellington – 5 March 2019


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Over the last few years, I’ve been learning and asking questions about being employed in IT and how to get the most fulfillment from it. This has led me to seek out alternatives such as contracting, and associate or partner status in contrast to permanent employment. This presentation is a brief story about what I’ve learned, tips/tricks and my own journey from permanent to contracting to something else. I’m also going to talk about a movement underway which I don’t think we can ignore about the way we are engaged for our services of which Cloud and automation have been significant enablers. It’s about the transition of software as a commodity to software as a service and what it means to be a Software Efficiencer and whether this should be our next career move.

When and Where

Tuesday 5 March 2019
6pm – 8pm

Level 2
1 Victoria St

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The future of IT labour and should I go contracting?
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