Working Together to Build a Better Copyright Act – Auckland – 11 February 2019


Copyright feels complex and hard–but policy isn’t that different from something most of us do regularly–software requirements gathering. So let’s gather some requirements for the Copyright Act review. What’s important to you? What would make your life easier–or harder? Where are the pain points for you right now?

Let’s work together so that we can all write strong submissions that will help MBIE understand what a fit-for-purpose copyright law looks like in 2019. We’ll have drinks, nibbles, and a highly interactive workshop–where we can help each other define what we want from copyright law and we can all work together to develop effective submissions.

We encourage you to read through the Issues Paper ahead of the workshop, but don’t worry if you haven’t! We will review the paper and collaborate to identify the most important areas for each of us across our various sectors.

About Tohatoha

Tohatoha is a non-profit organisation that helps people share their copyright works for reuse by others. Sometimes creators and other copyright holders want the public to be able to reuse their works but are unable to allow reuse easily and legally given the works’ “All Rights Reserved” copyright status. Creative Commons licences enable copyright holders to allow reuse of their works by giving everyone a range of permissions in advance. Using a clear and robust Creative Commons licences, you can choose the kinds of permissions to grant over your work. Individuals, institutions, artists, scientists and public agencies around the world are now declaring “Some Rights Reserved” with Creative Commons licences. People who use Creative Commons licences are contributing to the Commons, that global pool of reusable works, and are helping to create a culture of sharing, reuse and innovation.

When and Where

Monday 11 February 2019
5:30pm – 8pm

Room 608,
WG Building,
AUT City Campus,
2 Governor Fitzroy Place,

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