Larp Event: Tesla’s Wedding – Auckland – 26 January 2019


Tesla’s Wedding is a a three hour steampunk LARP for 20-30 players by Stephanie and Catherine Pegg, designed in a spirit of celebration and to evoke a feeling of joy. It is rules-light, has a range of characters from the intense to simple and light-hearted, and is suitable for introducing new players to larping, while giving ‘old hands’ room to plot, scheme, and chew the scenery

In the late 19th century Mad Science and Wonders of Nature abound in Europe. There are two powerful families, the de l’Eclaires in Paris, and the Drakenwyrms of Middle Europe, who have feuded for generations. It was inevitable, really, that a de l’Eclaire and a Drakenwyrm would fall in love and trouble, just as inevitably, ensued. This is not that story.

This is the story of how Tesla von und zu Drakenwyrm and Pierre de l’Eclaire, having Conquered the forces Arrayed against them and Founded a little town of their own in the Black Forest, are about to get married good and proper. They have invited friends from their adventures and old enemies, the terrible trials of family, and the myriad peculiar townsfolk nearby. There are even a few travellers staying for the night. Absolutely nothing can go wrong…

When and Where

Auckland Unitarian Church
1 Ponsonby Road
Grey Lynn

3pm – ~6pm
Saturday 26 January 2019

How Much



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KapCon 28, role playing convention – Wellington – 19-20 January 2019


What is KapCon?

KapCon is a not-for-profit role-playing game convention run annually in Wellington, New Zealand, every January. Over a hundred people get together for a weekend of role-playing, in a diverse range of styles and systems. Over the weekend, more than 30 individual games are run, with volunteer GMs (or storytellers, narrators or facilitators) running games between one and six times over the course of the convention.

There are seven rounds of gaming – each lasting 3 hours. Most games have pre-generated characters for the players to use, and some even have props, soundtracks, links to other games, or live action elements (where players act out the less dangerous parts of the story). Between rounds there’s time to chat, meet or catch up with people, and get some much needed snack food. There’s usually some snack food available on-site, and there’s always the dairy and fish-and-chip shop nearby.

If you have a favourite game that you want to play in, you can let us know in advance and we’ll try to find someone to run it – if you love Paranoia, Call of Cthulhu, D&D, PbtA, or any other system, send us an email and we’ll see what we can do. Also for the last few years some wonderful people have offered the Games On Demand stream, where players come in, vote for the games they want to play form a selection available, and one of the team runs the game for them. This is a great way to try out some of those games you may have heard of, but never been able to get your group to play.

After the third round on the Saturday, there’s a LARP. A LARP is a Live Action Role-Playing game – one where you wear a costume, and stay in character at all times. The style of LARPs we have at Kapcon tend not to use foam weapons or complicated mechanics – it’s all about being in character, finding out what’s going on, achieving your goals and having fun. In recent years the Saturday night LARP has grown from 50 to 85 players. There is a dedicated team of writers who volunteer each year to put together the LARP, and it is due to their tireless work that it’s so much fun!

When and Where

Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th of January 2019
Note: Monday 21st is a statutory holiday for Wellington workers and can be used for recovery

Wellington High School
249 Taranaki St
Mt Cook

How Much

Full Player                      $30
First Time Attendee      $20
Facilitator (GM)            $20
Single Day Attendance  $20
Adventure Squad Only  $10
Live Game Only             $10

$5 discount for Full Player, First Time Attend, Facilitator or Single Day Attendance if paid prior to 14/01/2019


Information about Kapcon 28 and registration