GeyserCon Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention – Rotorua – 31 May – 3 June 2019


GeyserCon 2019 is New Zealand’s 40th National Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention! We hope you’ll join us in Rotorua on Queen’s Birthday weekend (May 31st to June 3rd 2019) for awesome fandom discussions, panels and presentations, a huge bookstore open every day including Monday, a raffle with amazing prizes, the Young Writers’ Workshop, the Costume Masquerade competition, the prestigious Sir Julius Vogel Awards, and so much more!

Young Writers’ Day out – Friday

The Young NZ Writers’ Day Out (on Friday 31st May 2019) will have a full day of writing workshops aimed at intermediate and secondary school students. To warm up to the day we invite young NZ writers to enter into our 2019 annual writing competitions for intermediate and secondary students (opens 1st of February and closes midnight on 15th March – check our website out for more details). Finalists will be awarded prizes at the book launch at the end of the day.
For the first time there will even be a special writing event for our youngest writers in years 5 and 6 (only open to local Rotorua Primary schools) and PD opportunities for teachers who attend.

Main Program

3-5 Streams From Friday evening to Monday Morning.

Sample Events:

  • Radio-play STAR WRECK
  • International Guests: Laura VanArendonk Baugh, Alan Baxter, & Kaaron Warren
  • Sir Julius Vogel Award Presentations
  • Talks: History of SFF in NZ
  • Panel: High Fantasy Futures
  • GeyserCon Book Expo

When and Where

Holiday Inn
10 Tryon St

Main Event
4pm Friday 31 May 2019
Noon Monday 3 June 2019

Young Writers’ Day Out
All Day Friday 31 May 2019

How Much

EarlyBird 3 until 28 February $60
Standard (Friday evening till Monday) $65
Friday Youth Workshop (under 18s) $20

Various other tickets options available.


Geysercon Website with Full programme and Registration
Young NZ Writers Website

2018 Rutherford Lecture: Life and Times of Supervolcanoes – Rotorua – 21 August 2018

2018 Rutherford Lecture : Photo of Mt Ruapehu 1995 eruption


2018 NZ Rutherford Lecture
The Life and Times of Supervolcanoes

There is no denying that as New Zealand sits astride the Indo-Australian and Pacific tectonic plates our land is subject to tremendous natural forces. We may commonly experience this as a gentle but sometimes a severe shuddering of earthquakes. Yet with Aotearoa dotted with cones and calderas, Kiwis should also keep in mind that the Taupō Eruption was actually the world’s most violent volcanic eruption in the last 5000 years!

Colin Wilson has gathered many accolades for studying volcanoes, and in particular, those giant examples known as supervolcanoes. He likens his work to that of a crime scene investigator, where he travels the world piecing together the dual puzzle of why such cataclysmic explosions occur and why they are joined by much smaller eruptions. He aims to forecast volcanic phenomena with enough warning so that communities can respond. But although Colin is digging deep in the Earth’s crust to find the triggering mechanisms, volcanic systems are not letting their secrets go easily…

Royal Society Te Apārangi is proud to partner with GNS Science, EQC and Victoria University of Wellington in presenting the 2018 New Zealand Rutherford Lecture. Strong support from these organisations comes from the belief that New Zealanders will greatly benefit both from learning about and gaining a better awareness of this ‘sleeping’ giant in our midst. From late July to early September, Professor Wilson will head to 22 towns and cities to explain the nature of supervolcanoes, the ways in which such volcanoes operate and can be studied, and whether the next eruption is still likely to take us by surprise.

About the speaker

Professor Colin Wilson FRS FRSNZ, Victoria University of Wellington

In 2017, geologist Professor Colin Wilson was awarded Royal Society Te Apārangi’s highest honour, the Rutherford Medal, for his research into understanding large, explosive supervolcanoes and the dangers they pose. Yet although significant eruptions are still rare, threats from volcanic activity are considered a very serious natural hazard for Aotearoa New Zealand.

The 2018 New Zealand Rutherford Lecture is proudly presented by Royal Society Te Apārangi in partnership with GNS Science, EQC and Victoria University of Wellington.

When and Where

Tuesday 21 August 2018
6pm – 7pm

Millennium Hotel Rotorua, 1270 Hinemaru Street, Rotorua

How Much

You are welcome to turn up on the day, however, due to their expected popularity, to guarantee your seat(s) please register here.


Press release: 2018 New Zealand Rutherford Lecture: It’s a super tour!

The Life and Times of Supervolcanoes | Rotorua.

The 2018 New Zealand Rutherford Lecture is proudly presented by Royal Society Te Apārangi in partnership with GNS Science, EQC and Victoria University of Wellington.

Astrobiology Australasia Meeting – Rotorua – 25-26 June 2018


The third Astrobiology Australasia Meeting (AAM), a joint meeting of the New Zealand Astrobiology Network and the Australian Centre for Astrobiology (at UNSW Sydney, Australia).

This meeting will be held on 25-29 June 2018 in Rotorua, New Zealand. It will be preceded by a one-day astrobiology teachers workshop on the 24th of June, and followed by associated field trips through the hot springs of the Rotorua area on the 26-27 June.

Conference themes and sessions:

  • The Origin and Evolution of Life
  • Life beyond Earth & its detection
  • Future of life

When and Where

Novotel Rotorua Lakeside
Tutanekai St

Teachers Astrobiology Workshop:  Sunday 24 June 2018
Astrobiology Australasia Meeting:  25-26 June 2018
AAM2018 Field Trip Taupo Volcanic Zone: 27-29 June 2018

How Much

Teachers Astrobiology Workshop:  $120 + GST
Field Trip: $217 + GST
Main conference Professionals: $528 + GST
Main conference students: $320 + GST


Conference Web page